Specialist Services in Software, Education, Heritage, and Accessibility

We provide a range of services in digital transformation of primary and secondary education, educational technology for persons with disabilities, and a full range of museum services.


What We Do

Digital Literacy for Educators

Helping educators with little or no prior experience in digital technologies to quickly gain proficiency.

Digital Transformation of Schools

Rapid transformation of schools to cope with the need for digital education in response to the coronavirus.

Training on Microsoft Technologies for Digital Learning

Windows 10 and the full range of Microsoft 365 (Office 365) in school environments.

Software Development


C#/ASP.NET/SQL Server 



A cloud-based repository of museum content to support education, research, and the general user.

Accessibility Training

Directed as persons with all types of disability, to enable them to use computer technologies effectively.


Serving the basic education community

Digital transformation of the basic education sector is more important than anything in education at this time. Let us help you to transform your school to a digital mode of teaching and learning.

This includes the introduction of coding for learners of all ages.

Integrated support for museums

Throughout ETHER business unit we provide a wide range of services to museums including governance, valuation, inventorying, collection management systems, user experience, virtual exhibitions, and also a hosting service for museum content on our One-Museum portal.

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Thank you very much. The team and I are happy with the assistance that you have provided to us.
Luthuli Museum


I used immersive reader today in therapy and had very good results.  
Lantern School


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