Roger Layton Associates (Pty) Ltd (RLA) was established in 1987 and is a South African ICT and consulting company with experience and competence in research, education, software development, digitisation, digital transformation, business consulting, project management, and training. We have sector-specific experience in heritage, arts & culture, inclusive education, mathematics education, research management, local government, the ICT sector, and government policy.

RLA Education

Our work in Basic Education has spanned more than seven years from our work with MGSL on the SIASA project up to our more recent work on visually impaired educators, and coding and robotics.

During the past few years, we have developed a range of training courses for the Digital Transformation of schools and have developed initial expertise in coding and robotics.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • VIE Training
  • Digital Transformation of Schools
  • Lesson Planning for the Digital Age
  • Computer skills for persons with disabilities, specifically in LSEN schools
  • Coding and Robotics


  • Best-in-class training courses in Coding and Robotics for teacher professional development approved by SACE
  • Develop lesson planning tools and techniques
  • Database of prospects compliant with POPIA.

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ETHER Products and Services

The ETHER Initiative is a business unit of RLA which addresses the needs of the heritage sector, with specific attention to the needs of museums.

“ETHER” is derived from the term “ETernal HERitage” and its mission is to provide long-term sustainability for digital and physical elements of museums and other heritage institutions, including heritage sites, archives, libraries, galleries, oral history, and indigenous knowledge systems with a focus on skills development, museum improvement, unlocking collections,

Our product portfolio comprises training, applications, databases, and methodologies, with a strong focus on the interlinkage between schools and museums.

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