Our work in Basic Education has spanned more than seven years from our work with MGSL on the SIASA project up to our more recent work on visually impaired educators, and coding and robotics.

During the past few years, we have developed a range of training courses for the Digital Transformation of schools and have developed initial expertise in coding and robotics.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • VIE Training
  • Digital Transformation of Schools
  • Lesson Planning for the Digital Age
  • Computer skills for persons with disabilities, specifically in LSEN schools
  • Coding and Robotics


  • Best-in-class training courses in Coding and Robotics for teacher professional development approved by SACE
  • Develop lesson planning tools and techniques.
  • Grow our user base among private schools.
  • POPIA compliant


In the basic education sector, we offer on-site and online professional development training for educators and assist with digital transformation of teaching and learning practices, including experience with inclusion and special education needs (SEN) schools, coding and robotics, literacy, and mathematics.

We provide strategic planning for schools for digital transformation including governance and management, using a modern approach to Lesson Plans for digital learning.

We are a Microsoft Global Training Partner, one of only a few in the country, and among a few hundred in the world, focusing on the use of Microsoft technologies to improve teaching and learning.


We offer innovative and creative solutions to any problem our clients present to us, and we help to find those rare interventions that can achieve greatness for the institution and for society as a whole,

We are professional project managers with more than 30 years of experience in running successful projects.

We are professional researchers, with experience in quantitative and qualitative research, and with experience in the academic research sector, heritage research, educational research, and research for government policy and strategy development.

We operate with a small core team, complemented by a large team of specialist associates, and we approach new projects by building professional teams to meet the requirements of our clients to meet the range of needs on the projects we undertake. Beyond our project work for clients, we also innovate and develop our own products, which we develop to meet a range of needs, and often to fill gaps in the market.